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Argonaut California Speculator Brandy

Customer Reviews
Dubbed their ��Brandy Queen,�� Rita Hansen, the master distiller and blender of Argonaut, a second generation winemaker, Rita applies her incredible reservoir of knowledge to all steps of the Argonaut process, from the winemaking to distilling, aging, and blending. Rita draw from a variety of vintages, grape varietals, barrel sources and distillations methods resulting in very unique blends. With a combined 80+ years of vineyard expertise Argonaut staff picks grapes at their optimal ripeness for distillation with striking the ideal balanced flavor profile. They ferment their brandy wines and distill within 30 days to lock in the freshest flavors. Using both alembic pot stills from their McCall distillery and Coffey stills they create the ideal foundation to build a superior California brandy. Overseeing the production process from start to finish. Argonauts meticulous step by step process maintains the highest quality standards of brandy. Bottled without artificial coloring, or High Fructose Corn Syrup, or additional flavors. The only elements of this premium California Brandy are 100% grapes and barrels. Just straight premium.